Maybe you know a Marjorie Moore; maybe you are one. She’s dauntless, desperate, and a little bit delusional. In her debut novel, Manhattan-based writer Christie Grotheim delves deep into the American heartland to explore a flawed search for fulfillment. Her lovable protagonist’s insatiable desires and misguided antics shed light on our own search for escapes—and search for self—and perhaps that is why we cheer her on wholeheartedly.

Protagonist Marjorie Moore, trying to overcompensate for her difficult childhood, always wants more—and as a result, often feels she ends up with less. Forever searching elsewhere, she is consumed with wanting, or in her opinion, needing. Feeling trapped by her town and her family, she escapes through obsessive shopping, pill popping, and fantasizing about a possible affair with a friend from high school with whom she reconnects on Facebook. Her growing credit card debt “forces” her to sell prescription drugs—which she secures at her receptionist job at the local hospital—to her dysfunctional friends. As her web of lies at home and work unravels, Margie wrestles with whether she is capable of becoming present in her own life.


Astute and provocative, Grotheim’s prose captures many of life’s dichotomies—masks versus authenticity, recklessness versus stability, and searching versus finding—in this moving debut novel.

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Christie Grotheim’s debut novel, The Year Marjorie Moore Learned to Live, was published in 2019 by Heliotrope Books. Her stories have been featured in Salon, The New York Observer, Mr. Beller’s Neighborhood, West View News,,and 
among others. Christie is co-curator of Crystal Radio Sessions, a monthly reading series in Manhattan’s legendary KGB Bar, and is in hopes of hosting a sister series in Nashville, where she has recently relocated with her husband Niklas, her dachshund, and her rescue parakeet. When she’s not hard at work on her second novel—with pen in hand—she can be found with crowbar, nail gun, or power drill in hand, working with Niklas on renovating their mid-century home and a covered bridge house, hammering away at their dream of opening an artists’ retreat in 2021.


With a background in graphic design, she has a passion for fine art, and she also writes and edits copy and content, headlines and taglines, 

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readings and events

  • Virtual Event: LIVE reading at the KGB Bar!
    Time is TBD
    The KGB Bar Virtual Stories
    Please join me in celebrating my one year book anniversary—while also supporting the legendary KGB Bar—with a live reading of the prologue of my debut novel, The Year Marjorie Moore Learned To Live. I look forward to connecting with those near and far!

Lyrics, Lit & Liquor Reading Series

In January of 2018, I read a humor piece called
"A Second Round of Firsts" on the horrors, er, challenges of aging. Please join me here at
the charming East Village institution 2A and have a listen! 


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